Hyfforddiant ar gyfer Arweinwyr Mynydd

Hyfforddiant Mynydd Cymru ydi gasgliad o sefydliadau rhanbarthol sy'n goruchwylio darpariaeth addysg a hyfforddiant mewn arweinyddiaeth, cyfarwyddyd a hyfforddiant mewn ddringo, cerdded a gweithgareddau mynydda yn y DU.

Mountain Training is a number of related organisations which share a common purpose:
the provision of education and training in the leadership, instruction and coaching of climbing, walking and mountaineering activities in the UK. 

These organisations include four home nation training boards and the umbrella UK board.

Mountain Training is run, at a strategic level, by groups of volunteers who represent the interests of outdoor and educational organisations. A smallstaff team manages the day-to-day business of Mountain Training. 

Mountain Training achieves its aims by providing a range of nationally-recognised mountain leadership, instruction and coaching awards and by approving training course providers.

Mountain Training also provide advice on safety in the outdoor industry, publishes a range of walking and climbing skills books, provides CPD through the Mountain Training Association as well as services for other outdoor membership organisations.