Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue England and Wales is comprised of many teams of local volunteers.  These teams train regularly to perform search and rescue operations for people who are missing and/or injured outside the reach of the regular ambulance service.

Every year there are hundreds of call-outs for the teams across North Wales.  The teams come to the aid of missing and injured people where the traditional emergency services are unable to get to.

please remember:

"If you need to call upon any mountain rescue team, you must dial 999, and ask for Police, Mountain Rescue"



Below you can explore the teams that provide voluntary search and rescue services in North Wales.

You can read more about Mountain Rescue in general here.

Explore the Mountain Rescue Team Areas

Each team has an area of responsibility. You can explore these areas in the map below.

Each area has a different colour, and clicking on an area will show the team for that region.

Mountain Rescue Teams in North Wales

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North East Wales Search and Rescue Team

Show NEWSAR team area on map above   

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Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation

Show Ogwen Valley team area on map above   

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Search and Rescue Dog Association, (SARDA) Wales

SARDA Wales covers the whole of Wales and is one of many regional search and rescue dog teams that cover the UK. Learn more about SARDA here: National SARDA Website